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Salviati, the character of Galileo, has Simplicio, the everastounded Aristotelian, make use of astronomical observations,especially the facts that Venus has levels and that Venus and Mercuryare never removed from the Sun, exam construct exam help diagram of the planetarypositions. The ensuing diagram neatly corresponds exam the Copernicanmodel. Earlier in Day One, he had repeated his claims from TheStarry Messenger, noting that the earth needs to be just like the moon inbeing spherical, dense and solid, and having rugged mountains. Clearly the moon couldn’t be exam help crystalline sphere as held by someAristotelians. In the Dialogues, matters are more confusing than we havejust sketched. Galileo, as noted, argues for exam help circular naturalmotion, in order that all things in the world and within the atmosphere revolvein exam help common action with the earth in order that the precept of therelativity of followed action will apply examination phenomena corresponding to ballsdropped from the masts of moving ships.